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P38 with Bachetta bars and Sram X0 twist shifters

After wearing out 2 sets of bar ends in 3 years, I decided I wanted Sram twist shifters. The straight portions of the P38 bars are too short, so I ended up using the smallest Bachetta bars, reversed. We cut 2" off of each bar end. The Sram grips were cut in half. The interesting thing I've noticed riding with these bars is that I was steering in response to negative feedback with the short Lightning bars. The bike twitched with every rear shift and it was much harder to correct or change a line on a fast curving turn. I feel like I can put the bike exactly where I want it now vs an approximation. Also riding one-handed is much easier now and my hands are lower, which is much more comfortable for me. I spent most of the time riding the bar end shifters on the shorter bars. I wouldn't put a new Lightning rider on these bars, but it only took me a couple of tight turns to figure out where to put my inside leg. I will not be able to make moving mounts and dismounts at RAGBRAI anymore, but that's a small price to pay for comfort and needle threading control. If anything, the bike climbs better than before and is easier to track stand, then roll on when checking traffic, etc. I loved the bike before and am in heaven now!

I'm new to this board--Hi! I've been posting on BROL for a while, but I've recently acquired a new Phantom, so I'll be around here occasionally. I hear you on the problems with Dura (not) Ace bar end shifters. I love them too much to switch, but the quality sure has gone down hill. It seems that back in the day, they lasted FOREVER. I've personally had at least two fail on me, and another one is starting to give me doubts, feeling a bit sloppy in some gears. The dang index rings must be made out of putty. My friend Dana, of Bent Up Cycles, has talked to Shimano and they refuse to acknowledge that anything is wrong. "Our other dealers don't say anything." Dana points out that he installs hundreds of these a year and he sees regular failures. Oh well, let's not let the facts get in the way. I'm still addicted to that lever feeling, but the twist grips look good. Enjoy the ride.


aka MrBent

Thanks Scott:) My husband, and a good friend of ours, believe that re-purposing components from other applications, but with greater forces applied in directions other than they were developed for, is part of the problem. Maybe when we become a larger force in the marketplace we'll get or own stuff!


I've been riding this setup on both p38s for a while now and still love it. One bike is set up for moderate off road and does very well. I'll never go back to stock bars :-)

I tried Bacchetta bars but not reversed like yours - instead I reversed the stem. It looked a it odd so I ended up asking Lightning to make me some custom bars that were longer than the standard ones. I like them a lot. I agree that the X0 shifters and brakes in line is a big improvement.

Thanks for the update on the thread as I found the photos :) Nice setup with the bars.


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