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New P38

I called the factory yesterday and was told they had what I wanted-a large,freshly painted, yellow frame. They said they could build it up in a few days. So Tuesday I'm heading south to pick it up.
The components are the standard set with the addition of light wheels and a granny gear.
Anyone have any suggestions for a good audio book for the road?
It's about 6 hours each way.

Hi again Howard,

No suggestions for audiobooks, but a few regarding the new bike:

1) Lightning offers two different rigid 20" forks: racing style, with no room for fatter tires and fenders, and touring style, with extra wiggle room. While the racing fork saves a few ounces in weight, the touring fork keeps your tire and fender options open.

I think the touring fork is more practical, and is the better choice for most riders.

Though weight weenie hammerheads may prefer the racing fork.

2) Lightning offers a number of different style seat meshes. I like the one that is used on the Phantom, with the lacing behind the seat, rather than on the sides. I think it is somewhat easier to get the mesh tight, and keep it tight, with this style mesh. If it is available for your bike, I would go with it.

3) Good choice of color, yellow. There is something hopeful about a bright lemon yellow.

4) I hope you took my earlier advice about getting a test ride in. I think the P-38 is a wonderful recumbent bike, but I have learned that not everyone agrees with me. As always, experience is the great teacher.

Good luck with the bike, and let us know how you feel about it after putting in some miles.

Safe riding,

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll admit to having a dislike of fenders and large tires so I've gone with the racing fork. I've also asked Tim to use the seat mesh from the Phantom.
PS Awfully quiet here. Anyone else around?


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