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I have registered to compete in a short, team duathlon (run 2mi/bike10mi/run 2mi). There will be a couple of hills and several turns. This course is five miles so cyclists will take two laps to complete. I am fairly new at cycling and obviously be doing the biking leg and my teammate will be running.

I am just curious if there is any advice from other duathlon/triathlon competitors.

* Will I get disqualified when I show up with a recumbent, P38? I checked all on-line rules and there has been no mention of recumbents, only helmet required. A more comprehensive rules sheet will be presented at a later date.

* Should I be aggressive on the corners, or should I be conservative to make sure I don't dump the bike? I am a little nervous about the corners.

* My spd sandals have some play in them...would spending $ from a tight budget on high dollar pedals and shoes really give me that much more speed? I am far from an expert/professional triathlete, but now being 41 yrs old I need some competitiveness to keep me from getting too out of shape.


I have raced a few times at the Northbrook Velodrome, but have never done a duathlon or triathlon. Generally, the person who organizes and runs the racing event has the final say regarding recumbent participation. If the person is hostile to recumbent bikes, you are SOL. To avoid last-minute disappointment, you might try to contact the person in charge ahead of time and ask if your Lightning bike is acceptable.

If you are new to racing and not confident taking sharp turns at speed, play it safe and stay within your personal comfort zone. You will only lose a few seconds here anyway.

Changing pedals and shoes shortly before a race is not a good idea. Stick with what you are familiar with, and if your SPD sandals are a little loose, put on a pair of socks.

Good luck with your duathlon, and don't forget to have fun!

Safe riding,


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