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Lightning phantom weight reduction


Tim told me to post my modifications here - so here I am. I bought a lightning phantom about 6 weeks ago herer in Germany. The weight was (size L)13.5 kg at the beginning. Now I am own to 12kg (26.45 lbs) including mirror. With bag and tools+pump the weight is 12.5kg. Here is what I did:

The XTR rear wheel SAPIM CX Ray spokes and SRAM PG-980 11-34 reduced the weight by 400g, the front wheel 200g, the P-38 stem 350-400g, the foam on the seatmesh 150g, crankset 150g, chain 100g. Lightweight pedals - 200g.

Now I am missing additional ideas. This week I will replace the idlers with the terracycle version which will not be lighter but better.

Hello Velo,

I ride in a largely flat area, so my attempts to tinker with Lightning bikes focus on aerodynamics rather than light weight. But if you want to make your bike lighter while avoiding bankruptcy, consider:

1) Saving the money you intend to spend on Terracycle idlers, and placing it in a P-38 future purchase fund instead. If you have really deep pockets, perhaps an R-84 future purchase fund.

2) If you want to keep the Phantom, you could save some weight by substituting a P-38 fork for the Phantom fork. Tim would know exactly how much weight would be saved, but I bet it would be significant.

When I de-bug my computer, I will post a picture of your handsome yellow Phantom on the gallery part of this site.

Safe ridng,


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