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Zefal HP frame pump

This is the pump that fits the P-38 utilizing the pump peg that is brazed onto the downtube. This is new and in the box. $38 plus $12 shipping to any of the lower 48 states - Alaska & Hawaii extra.

NEW OLD STOCK - price reduction to $38plus $12 shipping to any of the lower 48 states - Alaska & Hawaii extra.

I bought a Zefal frame pump to go with my P-38, and let me tell you, it is so much better than the little pumps I used to carry in my seat bag. Wow. Plus, it looks cool having a frame pump, IMHO.

So where can I find one for mine?

Don't know where you can buy a Zefal frame pump. I do know that the pump comes in different sizes, and you need to match the frame pump size to you bike. Don't ask me how this is done.

My own preference is for the Topeak Morph style pump, because it has a hose that is similar to a floor pump. This makes using it pretty easy. The earliest Topeak pumps were very flimsy and tended to fall apart after being used once or twice. But later versions of the Morph pump were better designed and constructed.

I would skip the Zefal and get a Morph, or something else with a flexible hose attachment.

Safe riding,

Thanks Joel, I am carrying the Morph now. Just thought it would be cool to have the frame mount if I can find one, no big deal if not.


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