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Thanks for the advice - P-38 bicycle update

Awhile back I asked about a 559 wheel on an XL P-38 instead of the standard 622. I eventually decided on the 559 so I thought I would just give you guys an update. I have had the bicycle for a few weeks now. I have ridden it in the states and then brought it back with me. I spec’d it slightly non-standard.

- A 559 rear wheel
- Separable Voyager seat (easier to get in a bicycle box. Can fit the complete bicycle in a hybrid bicycle cardboard box)
- Phantom seat mesh.
- 48/36/24 Deore crank.
- Avid speed dial levers. (Originally wanted something I could use if I installed a 622 wheel with a road caliper. Found out that the adjustment is great on the 559 wheel with v-brakes.)

So far I am really happy with it and I am glad I bought it. My initial impressions:

The 559 wheel is good, I like the seat angle, but cannot say if the angle would be even better with a 622 wheel. I tend not to lean my shoulders against the back of the seat when riding and sit more upright, but I think that will change as I become more relaxed. I have ridden it mostly with a Kenda Kwest 32-559 tire and have just switched to a Kojak 35-559. I intend to use a 40/42-559 this summer if I tour with it.

The seat is very comfortable and absorbs the bumps really well. A slightly harsh ride on some of the pox marked concrete roads here, but once on asphalt the ride is really smooth. So far I have had to have the rear wheel trued since the spokes were very loose after about 300km. On my most recent ride I hit a piece of metal and needed to true the wheel again. I weigh about 245 pounds, so I am making sure I have the wheel properly trued at all times. The local shop guy is very good with wheels and charges next to nothing. Also as I become more familiar with my routes I can anticipate where the road imperfections are.

The bicycle climbs the short hills on my routes very well. Too well possibly since after riding I have some slight knee pain and maybe I am pushing it a bit too much. Once I am stronger I will attempt the much longer and higher climbs that unfortunately are plentiful in my area.

I bought a Tubus cargo rack but never used it since my initial 3 day tour turned into a park the car and ride type of tour. I will need to modify the rack to make it fit properly, possibly cut off the front of the rack. I intend to do that within the next month.

All in all a very nice ride and I really like the upright seating position compared to my last and only other recumbent. Not much else to say really. Thanks to all for the advice to my previous posts.



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