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Can't People See An Bright Yellow Fully Faired F40

These past two days, going down the same streach of road near my house, on painted bike lanes, I have been almost hit three times by people in cars that have cut me off.

One jerk pulled out in front of me in a driveway, and when I yelled that he almost hit me, his reply was "get off the road you fool". Again, I was on a bike lane.

The next time, someone in the opposite lane did a left turn right in front of me. The one I never experienced before was a car coming up behind me, honking the horn, then as soon as they passed, they turned right, cutting me off. I guess when I heard the horn they thought I should have pulled off the road!

My god, a fully faired F40 is a big as a Harley, yet it astounds me that people can't see this thing, or more so, see me and just try and cut me off anyway.

Thanks for listening to the vent!

Bob Krzewinski

I feel your pain. The same kind of thing happened to me today, though I was riding an unfaired bike. A guy in a big black Ford sedan was pulling out of a sidestreet. He saw a mother and two little children, and paused for them to cross the street. But I could tell by watching his face that he simply did not mentally register my approach, in spite of the fact that he was looking in my direction.

I called out to him - Helllloooooo! - and was able to get his attention and avoid having him turn me into a road pizza. The weather today was very mild, and he had his window rolled down, so he was able to hear me.

I thanked him for allowing me to continue living.

If you go to, and look under "inattentional blindness", there is a good short article about the peculiar way the human eye/mind/brain system works, and fails to work. Even a bright yellow F40 fairing can be invisible to many motorists, as strange and counterintuitive as that may seem.

Maybe flashing police lights and fire engine sirens would help.

Joel Dickman


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