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F-40 question about mounting mirrors, lights etc.

Brevet season is here!!! This year I want to try to complete a brevet season on my new (To me) F-40. Are you guys using helmet mounted mirrors or could something be setup on the top/outer edges of the nose? Mounting a headlight should be straightforward with the boom that supports the nose. Are there any clever ways to mount the taillight?

I have happily been using eyeglass-mounted mirrors for many years. First tried a plastic mirror made by Third Eye. It worked, but would break after about a year of usage.

I then progressed to the Take A Look mirror made by Bike Peddler. You can find it on Amazon and many other retailers. The Take A Look mirror works extremely well, lasts an extremely long time, and costs around $15. Since many of us wear eye protection anyway to keep dust, insects, and the like away, the eyeglass-mounted mirror is a natural.

Along with Lightning recumbent bikes, Magura hydraulic rim brakes, and Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, the Take A Look mirror is one of my favorite cycling-related things.

Regarding lights: the Magicshine lights seem to offer the best bang-for-buck ratio, unless there is something even newer that I am unaware of. You could probably home-brew a tail light mount out of PVC tubes or aluminum that would attach to the rear of the top of your seat frame.

A light weight but powerful flashing rear light on the back of your helmet might be worth considering too.

Bryan Ball of the Bentrider Online website just reviewed a new helmet-mounted dual tail light called the Fire Eye. I have not used it, but it definitely looks promising.

Let us know what you try, and what works and what doesn't.

Safe riding,

I just read that review the other day. I might try mounting it to the back of bike somehow. For very long riders even a 60g light starts to feel like a lead weight when its on your helmet. On top of the fairing should be enough to get noticed.
I ordered the mirror that you mentioned on Amazon. I also ordered a Topeak Bar Extender. My plan is that it will mount on the nose support for mounting lights. I also just finished setting up my bike for Hayes Stroker hydraulic disk brakes on back. We just moved and I live at the top of a hill that gets my Bacchetta up into the low 50's. I havent dared to go down it on the F-40. Tonight I am going to do a mile or two shakedown ride to make sure they stop as well as I hope they will. I'm trying to get it setup for a 200K on the 21st. I'll try to get some pics of it all this weekend.

Next question... where on earth can I find 369 rims? I can only find on source on Google and they are $94. I want to lace a new front wheel to a dyno hub for lights. I did just order 2 new tires since I found a sale on them for $39.


For front lighting on the F-40, I agree the MagicShine lights are a great value. I have mine mounted on a Terra-Cycle accessory mount that attaches to the front fairing tube. I also have a helmet mounted light, but on the F-40 I have found it to be fairly useless as it shines quite a bit on the windshield.

On tail lights, I have a helmet mounted tail-light, and also bought one of the Minoura "Swing Grips". This can attach to the top forward rear fairing frame crosspiece, right in back of the top of the seat (you just have to build up the crosspiece where the Swing Grip fits with rubber/duct-tape). On the Swing Mount I have two Planet Bike Superflash lights. During the day, the Swing Grip can be moved down so it fits under the top of the rear fairing. At night, I swing it up, and zip up the rear fairing zipper right up to the light bar. If you want some photos of this, just email me at

On mirrors, I have used the Blackburn helmet mounted mirror for years and am very happy with it. I tried a CycleAware mirror for a little while, but its flexibile boom made the "view" in the mirror look like you were riding in an earthquake (everything was jiggling).

Totally concur with the Magicshine lights. I really like the Zefal Spy mirrors, but your shoulder must be lower than your seatback for them to work. Amazon used to have them 2/$30.


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