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Does anyone race a P-38? I know recumbents are not allowed in UCI events.

I do not know of anyone racing the unfaired P-38, but do know of riders racing the fully faired F40.

Tyger Johnson regularly races at the HPRA events at the Northbrook Illinois Velodrome. He rides a Lightning F40, and has been passing riders much younger than him as long as I can remember. I saw Tiger at the Velodrome today. I could not stay for his race, but would bet that he did extremely well again.

Tyger also does various time trials around the Illinois area, and has set course records on his F40. His friend Richard Nicodemus also was a regular at the Northbrook Velodrome until his untimely death earlier this year. Richard was killed while riding the streets by a motorist. Richard was a pleasure to compete with, and he will be missed.

I have not met Bill Hannon, but understand that he competes successfully in various midwest time trials. Like Tyger, Bill is an older but extremely fit F40 rider.

Bill recently did a 100 mile ride at Black Bear Michigan in less than four hours.

I used to race at the Northbrook Velodrome in my homebrew F40-ish bike. But then I met a woman who is a fantastic cook. Now I do more eating than racing.

There are some riders in Europe who compete in HPV events with Lightning F40 bikes: Gerard Kloos, Sandro Bolina, and others.

There are many Lightning riders out there who are probably happily racing their bikes that I have not heard of. Some people just like to ride, and not blab about it on the internet. These riders are often invisible to us, but not to their competitors!

Safe riding,


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